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Q PO XD+ Floor Liner

We create our own perfection!

If you are in search of a perfectly fitting, reliable, and customized Floor Liner for your vehicle, then you do not need to look any further. Q PO XD+ Floor Liners are developed by employing the best technological application, with a completely optimized, effective and efficient design features. We design your lifestyle not for comfort, but for passion.

With Q PO XD+ Floor Liners, we have created the perfection that provides an absolute consistency, with highly advanced floor protection.

Q PO XD+, where we provide a solution for every customer

Q PO XD+, Floor liners are manufactured from Customised Grade TPE, which gives it the ability to resist wear and tear, while maintaining the flexibility of the liner under harsh weather conditions and extreme temperature.

Q PO XD+ Floor Liner helps maintain the higher residual value

Gone are days when vehicles were purchased for life. With so many amazing options, why settle for one. Right? But certainly it does not hurt to protect your vehicle in order to fetch the better resale value.

Q PO XD+ helps maintain residual value.

The Floor Liner collection is designed to prevent wear, and they are completely spill-proof. The resale value of a vehicle is influenced by a variety of factors; mileage, maintenance history, parts originality, but a factor that influences many conceptions is the interior condition.

You can take out your factory manufactured mats and enjoy a beautiful interior with Q PO XD+ Floor Line.

Features of Q PO XD+ Floor Liner

Q Po XD+ is not just a product it's a solution to all your problems. They provide cleanliness with an enhanced look, incorporated by safety measures, and powered by an absolutely perfect fit.

At Q PO XD+, believes that we have an active responsibility towards our environment, hence our Corporate Social Responsibility policy indicates the usage of 100% Virgin material that can be recycled.

Some of the main features of our Floor liner include;

  1. Usage of Environmental Friendly Material that are Non-Toxic and Odourless.
  2. Effective 3D Hand-Held Scanning for measurement, in order to provide the best fit, along with efficient contour deployment to prevent mess and contain spills.
  3. State-of-the-art measurement technique that provided absolutely perfect fit, utterly eliminating the need for fasteners and clamps.
  4. Designs that blend
  5. Super Easy to clean
  6. Advance design employment to maximize the protection through covering floor area smartly.
  7. Customized Grade TPE composition that actively renders the Floor Waterproof, which protects Vehicles Interior and the Deep Channels design, helps to navigate the fluids and debris.
  8. A novel footrest area that allows a better grip
  9. Perfectly customized for each vehicle.

Thank You for selecting Q PO XD+ Floor Liners for your vehicle. We take pride in our state-of-the-art Floor Liner range, which provides absolute protection with a perfect fit.

Once you receive your order, check thoroughly to make sure that each and every component is delivered as per your requirements and specification, and the model received is compatible with your car. The installation process has been kept natural, but in case of trouble, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove all the factory-installed or old mats from the vehicle.
  2. Perform a thorough clean-up of the vehicle floor and remove dust, and debris which ensures a proper fit.
  3. Locate the retention system for the floor liners (if any) and select the appropriate floor liner for designated floor location. The passenger and driver side front-row mats can be identified from the stainless steel head-pad markers on driver side Floor Liners.

Another giveaway on the correctness of installation is the fact that it will fit only on the

correct side of the vehicle.

  1. Install the respective floor liner through sliding it under the gas-pedal and engaging the retention hooks in the front-row, whereas for 2nd-row and 3rd-row-floor liner can be installed without any retentions, solely dependent on the perfect measurement.
  2. Once the installation is done, please move the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals (if applicable) through their full range of motion to confirm that there is no interference with Q PO XD+. IF CASE OF ANY INTERFERENCE PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE, BECAUSE IS ISN’T SAFE AND SOUND IN CONDITION.


It is highly advised that you check the installation, and make sure it is done correctly. In case of issues, you can reach our sales executives at *web and cell. If the issue is not resolved still, then you are requested to please return the Floor Liners, and apply for a replacement right away.

Once satisfied that the installation is done perfectly, you can apply for Limited Lifetime Warranty, as per the printed instruction provided on the packaging.  

NOTE: The LLW is not applicable, in case of Q PO XD+™ Floor Liners being used in commercial and loading vehicles.

Who are you?

Q PO XD+ is a manufacturing subsidiary of Jaideep Plastic located at the capital of India.
We are manufacturing Car Mat since 1984, and the proud owner of a few of the biggest brand brands like POKOMOKO, Autotime, Dollar Konami under our flag.

Do you outsource or manufacture?

We do not outsource. We are a professional Floor Liner manufacture with a fantastic design team and production lines.

What is the business model? How do you make our business long-term and a good relationship?

We believe in an open and transparent work environment. Our products are designed, produced, tested, and dispatched after ensuring the quality. We provide cost-effective and cost-efficient products at a highly competitive price to ensure our customer's benefit.

We respect loyalty, sincerity and appreciate good business. We believe our clients to be our friends and an advocate of our services.

What's the material for this mat?

The Mat is manufactured from Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)

Is TPE eco-friendly?

The TPEs are Eco-friendly with the characteristics of non-PVC, non-toxic, non-heavy-metals (lead-free), and non-irritating odor.

How about Mold making? Is your factory making the mold by yourselves?

Yes. Due to the customization required and the height of details in the design, we tend to put our own process together for mold making. Since perfection is required, all the mold making is done in-house.

How do you ensure the quality of all your goods before delivery?

We conduct an ASTM D638 test to ensure the tensile strength, ultimate elongation, yield point and modulus of elasticity of our product.

To ensure that the abrasion quality of the raw material is up to the standard and rubbing, scraping, or erosion does not affect the final product by far, we conduct Taber Abrasion ASTM D1044 (Haze), ASTM D4060 (Weight Loss) tests.

At the end of the line, manual inspection is conducted in order to ensure that the product looks absolutely perfect before dispatching it.

What is a custom floor liner?

A custom-made/customized Floor Liner is a perfectly designed mat according to the car profile and floor.

Why do I need a floor liner?

A floor liner protects the vehicle floor and most importantly the cleaning is too much easier with Q PO XD+ Floor Liner.

Why is Q PO XD+ Floor Liner perfect?

A Q PO XD+ Floor Liner provides protection against all kinds of spills, debris and it fits perfectly.

How do you take measurements?

The measurements are taken using handheld 3D scanner, which builds an accurate 3D profile of the floor shape.

Do I have to make adjustments or trim my FloorLiners to fit it perfectly?

A lot of vehicle designs are done in the manufacturer's car, so it will fit perfectly. In case you have made certain modifications like added speakers and subwoofers, that may have changed the interior design, adjustments and trims may be required to fit it perfectly.

How would you advise on how to clean my Floor Liners?

Q PO XD+ Floor Liner is made up of TPEs hence they can be cleaned using non-reactive substances like mild detergent, warm water, and a soft-bristle brush.

However, it is highly advised that you do not use harsh chemicals and certain silicone-based cleaners.

What does the reference 1st Row mean?

"1st Row" reference is used for the front row of seating, which includes both the driver and the passenger side.

1st row set will include 2 pieces unless specifically mentioned that is a single-piece design.

What does the reference 2nd Row mean?

"2nd Row" reference is used for the back row of seats immediately behind the first or front row of seating. 2nd row set will be in 1 piece, held securely and safely.

What does the reference 3rd Row mean?

"3rd Row" refers to seats that are immediately behind the 2nd row seating. 3rd row set is manufactured in a single piece mold, which ensures a secure and perfect fit along the floor line.

What will happen if I put the Q PO XD+ Floor Liners on top/under my factory mats?

No, you cannot put Q PO XD+ Floor Liners on top/under your factory mats.

Be advised that the removal of factory-installed floor mats is MUST for proper installation.

If the factory mats are not removed, it will result in an improper fit, which has the tendency to interference in vehicle controls.

Compromised vehicle control may result in causing driving discomfort.

Why arent all rear Q PO XD+ Floor Liners one piece?

Our design team is always striving to provide a robust design, that has the ability to offer the best protection. However, some designs do not allow for a one-piece design. The limitation is brought on by the rigidity in floor-design by the manufacturer.

Is the material used in Q PO XD+ Floor Liners odorless?

Yes, the TPE is an odourless material, with an eco-friendly and non-toxic repo. It is known to contain no latex, cadmium, lead or any harmful PVCs.

Does the Floor Liners product contain Latex?

No. it does not contain Latex and is 100% recyclable!

Why dont you make Floor Liners for all vehicles makes and models?

Under Floor Liner technology we have been constantly evolving. We have been dedicated to develop, refine and create applications according to the popularity, market competitiveness and accessibility of models introduced.

We provide car mats within 15-20 days of the vehicle launch.

Can I personally remove the Floor Liners from my car without having to visit an outlet?

Yes, you can personally remove the Floor Liners from my car. If you are facing any issue than you can go through the instruction manual provided by the Q PO XD+. We wish you a stroke of good luck.

Would I be allowed to purchase only the drivers side Q PO XD+ Floor Liner?

No, they are only sold in the form of complete sets.

A complete set includes a combination of Front, 2nd and 3rd row along with boot mats. You are entitled to select either depening on the type of car you own;

  1. 2-Row Car; front (2-pieces), 2nd-row (1-piece)
  2. 3-Row Car; front (2-pieces), 2nd-row (1-piece) and 3rd-row (1-piece).

And NO set will contain the boot-mat until and unless specifically mentioned by the manufacturer. In essence, both combinations have an additional option for boot purchase as well.

What does the quantity (QTY) selector change?

The Quantity selector on the website does not determine the number of individual products to purchase, but rather the number of total product sets you will receive upon purchase.

To change your selected product set, simply select one of the images under the "Select Your Set" heading in Step 1.

You can either purchase a set for 2-row car or 3-row car where;

Car Set Description

Front Row



2-Row Car Set

2 Piece Mat

1-Pice Mat

3-Row Car Set

2 Piece Mat

1-Pice Mat

1-Pice Mat

  1. 2-Row Car Set will include two mats, driver and passenger side that have been manufactured separately and one 2nd row mat which will perfectly fit.
  2. 3-Row Car Set will include two mats, driver and passage side, one 2nd row mat, and one 3rd row mat.

NOTE: Both 2-Row and 3-Row sets will not include the boot-mat until and unless specifically mentioned in the order.

Why doesnt the Q PO XD+ Floor Liner cover the door sill on my car?

The shape of your vehicle floor is one of the most important factors that we have to keep in mind while designing the floor liners. Most of the time the Floor liners are manufactured to completely fit or cover the door sill where the vehicles sill is at level with vehicle floor.

However, if the vehicle floor is designed differently than the design is adjusted to better provide reliability and durability over a longer period of time, as compared to minor discrepancies.

What is the difference between Regular 3d Car Mats and Q Po XD+

Regular 3D mats and Q Po Xd+ differ on the basic composition level. The regular run-of-the-mill mats are manufactured from EVA foam sheet, coated with LDPE whereas, Q Po Xd+ are fabricated using custom-grade TPE.

Due to compositional changes, there is a significant difference in cost, durability, fitness, and aesthetics. The general fitness of use criteria is also affected considerably.

Q Po Xd+ provides an absolutely perfect fit, and durable under dirt and slime over a longer period of time. Rubber floor mats are, in comparison, quite affordable but they are not worth the price when you compare Q Po Xd+ cost and 3D mats cost and an additional cost of replacement due to wear-and-tear.

Another catch, Q Po Xd+ comes with limited lifetime warranty, hence, it will always serve the purpose, and you can replace it under our LLW policy.

Are Q PO XD+ Floor Liners stain-resistant?

Yes! Due to the TPE construction of our Q PO XD+ Floor Liners, they are waterproof and resist staining. We do however recommend that you develop a routine periodic cleaning and maintenance policy in order to prolong the life of your mats.

Will Q PO XD+ Floor Liners fit handicap-accessible vehicles?

We are always striving to provide options and better product ranges for our customers, but unfortunately, we cannot cater to such vehicles at the moment.

The modifications found in such vehicles have limited the degree of serviceability.

Why does the color appearance/shade online or in the ad is different as compared to the physical sample delivered?

On-screen or ad color representations may appear slightly different due to a variety of reasons;

  1. studio lighting
  2. variance in monitor calibrations
  3. magazine print quality

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Q PO XD+ Floor Liners have been covered under a Lifetime Limited Warranty or an LLC warrant that states that our products are absolutely free of any and all defects in terms of the materials used for manufacturing, and workmanship, as long as the life of the original purchaser and strictly for the original vehicle that the Floor Liners were installed in. The LLC warrant excludes the natural life-cycle of the TPE, which means that wear-and-tear from natural use is not a candidate for replacement or refund in any and all cases.

Everything has a useful life cycle like a bathtub curve, so it necessarily does not mean that the good value of the money has not been received. However, we do believe in absolute customer satisfaction so we offer a fair warranty claim resolutions.

The Fair Usage Policy is defined as an effective and efficient resolution which compensates both parties fairly. There will be no hidden charges, and due to the fact that we charge failry, we are honor bound to not compensate for ridiculous replacement and repair claims.

The warranty claim decision made under the Lifetime Limited Warranty policy will be absolutely final and consist of either replacement of your product at no charge or charge you a prorated amount for a replacement, meaning we may extend a discount to you to purchase an exact replacement.

Our objective is to keep our customers content and happy for a lifetime and always reach a fair resolution to any claims.

Proof of purchase is required.

In order to qualify for a Lifetime Limited Warranty, unrefutable video proof of the purchase needs to be submitted. The video needs to be clear and start with license plate number in full-view.

Steps for making your claim-video for availing the Limited Lifetime Warranty

  1. Install the Q PO XD+
  2. Leave the car doors open, and also keep your valid driving license and invoice copy in plain camera view.
  3. Start video at the license plate and move camera on towards the interior of the car.
  4. Make sure to capture all the Q PO XD+ mats (Front, 2nd row, 3rd row and boot or combination any of these) clearer as a day.
  5. Send the video to our customer support representative at *add here
  6. Our represtatives will authenticate, review and executive staff strictly reserve the right to qualify the submitted video for the warranty to take into effect.
  7. Upon qualifying, you will be informed if you are eligible for LLW.

Exclusions to this warranty include wear due to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination,

such as spilled gasoline, bleach, vehicle accidents, misuse, abuse, incorrect installation, incorrect use, etc.

furthermore, the LLW is not applicable, in case of Q PO XD+™ Floor Liners being used in commercial, networkin and loading vehicles, and only privately owned and exclusively driven vehicles are elligible for the warranty.